Welcome to the jHERney!

The Initiation of the jHERney


I had never heard of it until 2020, many years after the idea for this blog existed.

I knew that I wanted to discuss areas of my life that were important to me. I wanted to inspire others, but I lacked education and experience. How would I inspire others to attain education in these areas if I hadn’t attained the education yet for myself? Who was going to listen to me if I wasn’t qualified? I had all the symptoms and fears of imposter syndrome and I wasn’t even aware.

But then I thought…wait! I’m on a journey to do these things. Why not inspire others to come along the journey with me? I realized that I didn’t have to be an expert to be an encourager! I realized that I was gifted to be an inciter, not an imposter!

No matter where you are in your walk of faith, finance, fitness, or fairness, this community is for you. This will be a space to grow in awareness and cultivate comprehension and understanding.

The Aspiration of the jHERney


The goal of jHERney With Jesus is to bring an online community of men and women together primarily for education and inspiration, but ideally for accountability.

The devil loves to use isolation when he wants you to sink deeper into sin. The goal is to keep you around “Yes Men” that will never let you know when you’re in the wrong. Sometimes, those same people will never push you to be better either. I pray that you are inspired to gain reliable accountability partners. I pray that you are inspired to be a better accountability partner yourself. My greatest hope is that you can do it right here in this community.

I am so excited and I can’t wait to hear your stories and testimonies of achieving goals along this journey. It’s absolutely possible for you to do it alone, but it’s so much better with support and encouragement.

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